Providing superior Compulsory Integration choices for New York
State Landowners!


Did you received a Compulsory Integration Election Form?

What are your choices?
What are your risks?
What do you do? 

An un-leased landowner, in the proposed spacing unit, will receive actual notice of the Compulsory Integration hearing directly from the well operator at least 30 days prior to the hearing date. The notice will include, among other things, a Compulsory Integration Election Form which must be returned to the DEC and the operator
within only 21 calendar days.  

Are there other options available?
YES, Compulsory Integration Advisors, LLC can assist by offering you alternative options which we feel are far superior!  Our offer could include a lease bonus and/or a greater royalty percentage.

How do I learn about available offers from Compulsory Integration Advisors, LLC? 
We are available by telephone or e-mail but prefer to discuss with you personally at your home or place of business.

What is Compulsory Integration Advisors, LLC

We are a group of investors (many living in the Southern Tier) who have pooled our resources together to invest in Marcellus Shale development in our area.  We are "risk takers" and depending on the location of your property and status of your title we can provide you with a superior offer.  We work exclusively with landowners who are being Compulsory Integrated into New York State natural gas drilling units.


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